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Providing a powerful tool for aid in finding the details of the sim's owner throughout Pakistan. Simdetails is a multiple-purpose tool that gives several services to its users with just one click.

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CNIC Information System

What do you know about the CNIC database? It is a kind of centralized Database system that keeps the citizen's ...

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Pak Sim Data

Need sim owner details for an unknown number? Want to get rid of teasing phone calls? Then you must visit simdetails.info ...

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Live Tracker

It is a sim-based tracking system info tool provided by an online platform” Pak sim data”. It helps you to track and trace ...

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Sim Database

What to do if you are continuously receiving unwanted calls from suspicious persons? Are you looking for a solution ...

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Sim Details

Our website “Pak Sim Data” provides the best sim database online for all telecom users in Pakistan. Such a system ...

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Sim Owner Details

It is a type of database that helps you to reveal the sim owner's details in Pakistan. Sometimes, we continuously receive ...

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Sim details website (simedetails.info) helps you find details against any mobile network all over Pakistan for free. It is a multi-functional tool that provides various services to the citizens of Pakistan. These services include the tools for CNIC info check, sim database online, location information tools, license check, domicile info, and many more options. It provides the most convenient source to check details quickly and faster. By using our tools one will be able to find out all the detailed information about any sim cardholder within the boundaries of Pakistan. But one must remember that you can find details only for those sim cards which are PTA registered. 

By use of our sim detail tool, you can have access to our sim database online, from where you can easily retrieve information for any registered sim card owner for free. It provides you with the all information that is associated with that sim cardholder, including their name and network provider, etc. Similarly, using our CNIC information system, you will be able to fetch information for the identity cardholder without any effort for a particular individual. It also provides the service for authentification of driving license as well by our license info tool. We also offer a wide range of Tracker tools, which allow users for different purposes of tracking and locating a device or person.  Thus, the Pak sim details website (paksimdetails.info) provides its users with powerful and useful info tools for those who live in Pakistan free of cost. 

Best features of Pak Sim details

Our website (simdetails.info) offers search engine info tools for all citizens of Pakistan. We have designed a user-friendly interface for users so one does not need any kind of learning or training to use our info tools, one just has to enter CNIC or mobile number to retrieve the required information within no time. There are so many features provided by our website”simdetails.info” for choosing our platform.

All devices supported

We do support all the device types making it easier for users to get access to information using any device like an Android phone, tablet, laptop, or Apple devices. 


Find Location

By using our “Live Tracker” one can easily trace and locate any sim number, device, or individual within seconds for free, without paying any charges. This service is available to all Pakistani citizens.


Find number details

We have a comprehensive web directory that comprises millions of mobile number records in a database system online, so one can get access to Sim  information with just a single click.


Check CNIC info

One can check details or verify the authenticity of the identity cardholder individual by using our CNIC system information tool for free from any city in Pakistan.


Compatible with all networks

We do support and are compatible with all cellular networks running in Pakistan, such as Ufone Telenor, Zong, Jazz, and Warid. Thus, one can find information for any cellular network sim mobile number. However, it must be registered and verified by the PTA.


Sim Ownership Details

Our search engine info tools offer a service through which you just have to enter certain details like entering a mobile number or identity card number in a given space and by entering you will get fresh details on your device screen for the entered number.  It contains the all detailed information for every Pakistani citizen's telecommunication customer.  If someone tries an official way to get data from higher authorities by the government, this process will take days or months to proceed, however, Pak sim details facilitate the same service free of charge within seconds.  One just needs a stable internet connection and a device to get access to the information for any mobile number by entering CNIC or mobile number.

Are you looking for a source to find details or to locate an unknown number in Pakistan? If it is so, then you have come to the right place! Yes, Pak Sim data is the ultimate source for this solution. It is an online search engine, that is specialized in tracing, and verification of sim numbers for any telecommunication number in all Pakistan. Our web directory is enlisted with millions of numbers that cover all major and small cities of Pakistan. With the use of info tools facilitated by Pak Sim details, you can get access more easily and quickly. 

Beyond, just finding information for sim ownership details, Pak sim details also offer additional info tools like “Live Tracker”, by use of which users can locate and find people, by their name or mobile number, you can also use live tracker tools for finding lost or stolen sim cards or devices. By using such info tools, one can give insight into a person, from whom you are continuously getting suspicious or spam calls and messages.

The best promising feature of Pak Sim details (simdetails.info) is that you can access any of our info tools anytime from anywhere in Pakistan with just the need of an internet connection and a device. We do provide complete privacy and confidentiality to all searches by our users. Thus, no one will ever get approached to know for which particular number you have searched for. In addition, we have provided a highly advanced system of encryption technology to protect the rights of our user's data against cybercrime.

Pak Sim data provides invaluable services to those who are looking for a reliable platform to find information for sim owner details in Pakistan. Whether you need to find details for the sim owner, information regarding CNIC cardholders, or to track details, our search engine info tools cover all the aspects in one place. So, if you are looking for details for suspicious or unwanted callers, then what are you waiting for just click on our website “paksimdetails.info” and get the results within no time. Fastly and accurately. 


Sim information system

Sim (subscriber identity module) is a small smart card that contains all the data for the person who owns it, however, one must have to get register their sim card by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) to use the sim card. This sim online database system helps individuals to find the unknown person behind unwanted or spam calls or texts. On the other hand, corporates can take advantage of this sim database system information for tracking information of their clients and keeping a check on their employees. This system information includes the details for the sim's ownership, their name, contact address, mobile number, identity card number, and other minor details associated with the sim card. This system for sim system information helps you to get protection from any kind of fraudulent activities by checking or verifying the authentification of the sim owner.


What Kind of Data do you get on Pak Sim Details?

In the Pak Sim Data, you can get access to crucial information in detail for the required number, following is discussed in the below section.


The very first information that you get is the name of the sim owner for whom it gets registered by PTA on the screen. Hence, one can verify the name of the owner easily. In case, you can check the reliability of our info tools, you can enter your own sim number and you can verify whether it shows your name or someone else on screen. 

CNIC Number

The other information that you will get on your screen is the CNIC card number through which the sim card has been registered.  Thus, it will help you find a person who is teasing or irritating for any reason. Hence, one can take any legal information against that person.


Another important information you can get by using the tracker info tool is the address of the sim owner. It can give you the exact location of an individual, so one can geographically track and locate the person, sim number or stolen or lost devices.


CNIC information system

The CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) serves as an identification proof for Pakistani citizens issued by NADRA, a government regulatory body that keeps the data of all citizens to organize and monitor. An identity card comprises all the personal and crucial details of a person to which it belongs. It is used for various purposes, As a person reaches the age of 18, they must issued their ID card from NADRA. It is a centralized system that stores cardholder information giving a unique 13-digit code to an individual.

The modern CNIC system was laid down to replace the manual system to simplify the identification system with more advanced features across the country. The features of identification include a unique code for every person, a biometric verification procedure that includes the finger or thumb impression of an individual, it also includes security features such as holograms or barcodes, etc., including the smart chip that makes it a single click for retrieving details at one for a person.

Pak sim details offer an info tool for finding details using an identity card number (13-digit unique code) for any individual. Thus, one can verify or check the authentication for any unknown person by using our info tool for free. Our tools are accessible to every citizen in Pakistan.


Live Tracker sim information

To check or verify anyone’s details using a sim database online, just enter a sim number or identity card number on or reliable platform online. The info tool will provide you with information such as the name of the sim owner, address, and location. Our info tools help every individual, business corporate, and law enforcement authority for the verification of the identity of owners of cellular mobile numbers, track their location, and enables to detect fraudulent activity. Pak sim details (simdetails.info) offer a great range of tracking tools for different uses.

The live tracker info tool provides information about the network operator, the status of the sim card (whether it is activated or deactivated), the date of activation, as well as the location of the sim card. This info tool is very easy to use for users, need just enter a mobile number and will get results on the screen within a few seconds. The live tracker tool is a very useful tool for those people who are continuously irritated by unwanted calls or messages, By using this info tool you can easily track that unknown person, and thus can take legal action against them.


How does the live tracker info tool work for you?

Live tracker information system uses a signaling system generated by cellular network companies for establishing and maintaining the connection between the device and the network to get the exact location. It also provides information regarding the status of the sim card, whether it is active or not. When you use the Live Tracker SIM information, for tracking and tracing a mobile number, it will generate a request message to a cellular network, asking permission to get mobile number details. Then the network responds with the location of that particular mobile number with all detailed information.


How to use Pak Sim Details info tools?

We have designed our search engine tools in a very simple way, with an easy approach to use for every single person, without the need for any guidance.  One just has to follow simple instructions to find details for any sim number in Pakistan. Follow the below given steps for using info tools on the Pak sim details website (paksimdetails.info).

·         Open our official homepage for the website (paksimdetails.info) using any browser.

·         Select the search info of your choice, then enter a mobile number or CNIC card number in a given space and press “submit”.

·         After submitting, our system will find details from our sim database online against the number you have entered.

·         After a while, you will get results on your device screen within a matter of seconds.

·         If you want to find details for another mobile number then repeat the above steps.


Advantages of using Pak Sim Details 

Pak sim details provide a useful and powerful tool for personal or corporate uses in Pakistan.  We are offering various kinds of info tools in one place, thus one can look for information using these tools at any time from any city in Pakistan.  Following are the some of benefits discussed for using the simdetails.info website


Get access to the most latest information

Pak sim details, regularly update their sim database online, so users can have access to the latest and fresh details for mobile numbers including the name of the sim owner, address, identity card number, and much other important information associated with the sim card.


Convenient & easier to use

Our website “simdetails.info” is very simple and easy to use. All that one needs to do is enter a mobile number or ID card number in the search bar and our system database will give results within seconds. You can use it from any city of Pakistan at any time.


Multiple info tools options

Pak sim details offer a great variety of info tools for their users, such as sim database online, CNIC information system, a range of live tracker tools, and many more. You just have to type mobile number or identity card number to retrieve information for that sim cardholder. You can verify or check the authentification of any sim number in Pakistan. 


Free of Cost

We do offer all the services for search engine tools to our users for free of cost. Thus, one does not need to pay any kind of hidden charges or need to buy any subscription package for using Pak sim details info tools. All you need is a device connected to a stable internet server.


No installation needed

Another benefit of using Pak sim data, is that you do not need to make any changes in your device, download any software, or any other installation process to get access to our sim database online for finding details for any mobile number.


Safe & secure 

Our “simdetails.info” platform is safe to use and provides protection to their user's data and privacy. We have a strict privacy policy to protect the rights of our users with the use of advanced technology of encryption.

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