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A definition for a live tracker is a tracking tool for finding details of an individual for a sim owner details. Our website “” offers an online tool for a live tracker, which is free of cost for all citizens of the country “Pakistan”. Hence, you can easily use the tool “live tracker” for any telecom numbers across Pakistan. Our live tracker provides real-time usage of a sim database online for live tracking of an individual or sim ownership details. It works by a combination of various systems for the sim database online. However, with the use of a live tracker, one will be able to track or monitor every movement of that person, their messages, calls, etc., or similarly, you can also track lost or stolen mobile devices or sim cards in every possible way. Thus “live tracker” info tool proves to be a very powerful and useful tool. You just need to enter the mobile number or CNIC card number of that person for live tracking in the given space.


What is a “Live tracker”?

In today's digital world of internet connection, the use of mobile phones has become essential for everyone, so for a more secure purpose, tracking has also become easier just by the use of live tracker by Our website ( provides an up-to-date system for a live tracker so you can trace any registered sim number (by PTA) for any cellular operator in Pakistan. This tool is very useful for personal use (by tracking your loved ones for safety purposes), for business authorities (to keep data and to track employees and clients), as well as for your own security purposes. provides an easy user interface for using the tool “Sim tracker” info tool.


How Does “Live Tracker” Work for You?

Online search engine tools and applications, for a live tracker, use a systematic process of GPS for tracking the live location of a sim owner's details or for an individual. The live tracker works with a device for tracking live locations by sending a request to the telecom operator to get access to the sim data and its location. By the use of the Live Tracker tool, one can easily get access to the sim database online to get details or the location of that particular sim number. So, offers an easy way to use the live tracker for free of cost without any hassle.


Understanding the working of Live Tracker

The Live Tracker by is a cutting-edge info tool that is designed to assist users in finding essential SIM owner details and CNIC number details. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and a real-time sim database online, the Live Tracker provides accurate and up-to-date information in quicker and easier patterns. Here's a step-wise guideline for how to use the Live Tracker, effectively:

Step 1: Accessing the Live Tracker

To get access to the Live Tracker, simply visit the official website for and navigate to the designated section. It will provide an intuitive user interface, which ensures a seamless experience for both new and experienced users without facing any hurdles.

Step 2: Entering the Required Information

In the second step, you need to enter the SIM number or CNIC number you wish to search for in the provided search bar. However, you must ensure that the data entered in the given field must be accurate to obtain precise results.

Step 3: Initiating the Search

Now, click on the "Submit" button to initiate the search process against the sim database online to get access to the “live location”. The Live Tracker will now scan through its extensive database to fetch the requested information for that sim number.

Step 4: Obtaining the Results

Furthermore, Once the search is complete, the info tool “Live Tracker” will show you the SIM data and CNIC number details associated with the entered information along with the location. Thus, one can access vital information such as the owner's name, location, and the status of the SIM card.


Live Tracker | Sim Database online

By using a live tracker, one will be able to retrieve all the important information for sim ownership conveniently. This data includes the call history of that person, outcoming call records, and incoming call data along with other vital details. Alternatively, it will also provide information for a device, like IMEI number and its live location, in case of lost or filch mobile phones. provides an up-to-date system for a live tracker, to facilitate essential information for a sim mobile number without wasting a single second. Hence, one can track the activity of a person, via the use of the “Live Tracker” info tool. One just has to follow simple rules and instructions for using the live tracker tool. Live tracker tool can help an individual in the following ways

•In case of finding lost or stolen mobile phones or sim cards

•For the safety of your kids and loved ones by getting access to their live location.

•For keeping an eye on workers and customers data.


Live Tracker | for CNIC Information

In this specific section, one can explore “Live Tracker” for CNIC information which allows you to get access to the online sim database associated with the CNIC (computerized national identity card) cardholder. This is one of the best sources for the collection of an individual’s details through “NADRA” (National Database and Registration Authority) which is a government independent organization that manages to store the data and issue CNIC cards for citizens of Pakistan. Thus, a person can get the most sensitive information by the use of the CNIC card number of an individual. offers a “live tracker” as a useful purpose for helping citizens without any conditions to fulfill. To use our live tracker by the use of identity card information, you have to enter a CNIC card number, and you will be able to retrieve all details connected to that CNIC cardholder's individual.


Is it safe to use “Live Tracker” for in Pakistan?

Yes, provides the most reliable method to approach sim owner details by use of a live tracker. Moreover, you can easily identify an unknown person by tracking the location. However, sometimes it may contain some sort of mistakes. Sometimes our system for sim database collection retrieves data from various sources, which might create a possibility of some sort of error in the sim database online. However, for the safe side, before taking any action based upon on given data, one must verify it from other sources to remove the possibility of any sort of errors occurring in it. Similarly, developed their system for “Live tracker” only for the use of legitimate purposes, thus one cannot use this for any sort of illegal action (like harassing or teasing others).

Live Tracker | Sim Number Details

It provides a service for providing number details for persons including locations for any sim number in Pakistan, thus making it a most powerful online tracking tool. Therefore, you can get access to sim owner details with a location for any telecom network operator (including name, address, CNIC card, and other details) from anywhere in Pakistan. Live tracking is offering free services to use for everyone. Thus, intending people to help to find out unknown people who tease or blackmail them on mobile phones through texts or calls.

Live Tracker | with GPS Location

Have you ever lost your mobile phone or sim card? Or do you want to track or trace it? Now, No need to get worried, here we are giving a solution to find out your device or sim card with a live location without wasting time and money. Yes, it's true. Our live tracker with a GPS allows you to find live locations to monitor the movement of your devices or sim card, but it must be with an active sim to get the location. It solves all the problems by providing sim owner details for locating it.

Why “live tracker” by is the best-fitted tracker for you?

Our live tracker tool is the most reliable online tracker tool for you, designed by It can be used to track or trace the location of mobile numbers, ownership details, and person tracking with many other tracking tools and facilities. Additionally, one does not need to install any other systems on your device for using our info tools. We have enhanced our tracking tools with the latest advancements in technology to provide them with a GPS location system, thus improving the level of tracing and tracking.


Benefits of Using the Live Tracker by

The Live Tracker by offers numerous advantages, making it the go-to platform for obtaining SIM data and CNIC number location with details online:

Real-Time Data

The Live Tracker harnesses real-time data sources to ensure the information presented is accurate and up-to-date.

User-Friendly Interface has prioritized its user’s experience, resulting in a simple and intuitive interface that requires no technical expertise. Thus anyone can use it to get location without need of any guidance.

Swift Results

The Live Tracker delivers search results within seconds, enabling users to get access to the location or information they need promptly.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our Live Tracker encompasses an extensive sim database online, providing comprehensive coverage of SIM data and CNIC number details with location.

Data Privacy & security

Our website ( adheres to strict data privacy protocols for its users, ensuring that all user information remains confidential and secure.

Multi-Device Compatibility

The Live Tracker is accessible across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Thus, you can use it from any sort of device with a need for Internet connection only.



In the above article, you will learn about the details and use of the live tracker along with their positive aspects. How to live the tracker works for you and solves your problems by providing a location for the respected sim number tracker. has designed a tracking system with the most advanced digital technology, using a GPS. By use of a tracking tool, one will be able to retrieve information for an individual (name, address, sim details, location, etc.) or sim owner details. Hence, by using it, you can easily trace your lost phone or sim card, and you can track any person too. We also keep our system up-to-date regularly to provide a source for the sim database online with more accuracy and authenticity.