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Our website ( provides a complete sim database online information system along with tracking tools. Hence, you can track a person with just one click away. You will get complete information about a person by use of the “Person Tracker” with sim owner details across Pakistan. We offer an online platform that provides a completely free search engine for Pakistani citizens only. By use of our search info tools, you can avail of their offers anytime from any part of the country. is offering various tracking tools, which include a live tracker, location tracker, person tracker, CNIC tracker, sim tracker, and so on.


Why choose “”?

We are providing free online search tools which are easily accessible to every citizen of Pakistan without any hassle, from any city of Pakistan, as it offers the most comprehensive details of a web directory that comprises millions of sim numbers. Moreover, it associates their data from PTA, thus it is regularly updated for providing the most latest sim owner details of every sim number. Hence, one can use these details just for the sake of verification or to check authenticity. By using our sim database online, within a few seconds one can get access to the sim owner's details and location for person tracking. Are you continuously irritated by unwanted calls from an unknown sim number? Then you are advised to choose choose the right platform for finding details of that citizen without paying a single pkr by using Our “person tracker” can be used by both individuals and business corporates.


How to track “live tracking for an individual”?

If you want to track a person, by using a mobile number or identity card number, first of all, you need to find some reliable platforms as there are various sources online present, but one must choose wisely for a secure way. On the other hand, sometimes you need to download tracking software on your device, or may you need space in your device to install applications and to get access to their database for geo-tagged information. Any smart Android phone or Apple iPhone can download or store this data., Alternatively, for using a person tracker offered by, you do not need such a complicated process to use our tracking tools. One just has to enter details and can get access to the results within seconds without wasting any time.


What is meant by “person tracker”?

This tool of tracking is an element of Pak data CF ML. It allows the users to follow the region of use of telecom network sim number to track a person for various uses. It works systematically by calculating and moving examinations to approach an area for mobile number users. A person tracker is a very useful and powerful tool for police authorities and spy agencies to track a person. It can be used for individual purposes for finding your old friends or close relationships.


How does the sim database online work for “person tracker”?

Our Paksim ga website summarizes their sim database online, by gathering all the detailed information from various government organizations and from other private sources as well, which works in a coordinated manner to work more efficiently for users to get access to sim owner details. This modified version of the information is then accessible by all citizens via Pak CF ML (internet base stage). One can have access to the person’s mobile number details (network operator they are using), address, CNIC card number, and most importantly the “location” of that person. Therefore, continuously updated its sim database online, so its users can have the latest information for using a “person tracker”.


Features of Person Tracker facilitates an efficient way to use a “person tracker” with more advanced features embedded in tracking tools. The key features of tracking tools are given below

Easy-to-use interface develops its system for online tools for searching, with an easy-to-use approach for all their respective users. Hence, you do not need any guidance or training to use our tracking tools. You just have to follow very simple steps to reach your destination for retrieving location to find a person. We have designed our site easier to use so that any uneducated people can simply use our info tools without facing any hurdles.

Quicker & speedy

Users can get sim ownership details from our sim database online within seconds. One just needs to fill in the required fields, and within a few moments you will receive your results on the screen regarding “person tracker”.

Updated information

By using our online platform, for “person tracker” you will get the most latest and freshest information from our system of sim database online as our system is continuously updated every week so our users can get authentic data.

Compatible with all devices

It is most of the prominent features that our online system is compatible with all types of smart gadgets (Android, Apple devices, tablets, or PCs), thus one does not need any special device to avail of our online service for tracking tools. Additionally, we do support all the telecom mobile network operators in Pakistan, thus one can find details against any mobile number for any cellular operator without any hassle.


How to use the “Person Tracker” info tool?

As we have already mentioned above, we provide an easy-to-use interface for our users, thus one needs to follow the directions given below to use the “person tracker”.

•Enter the mobile number or CNIC number: The first step is to open our official website ( using our tracker tool “person tracker”, then enter a cell phone number or ID card number for which you want to get access information from our sim database system for tracking a person to get its location.

•Click on “submit”: After entering the telecom sim number, afterward you have to press, “submit”.

•Now just wait for a few seconds, you will swiftly receive your results on your screen. You will get results in the form of a table that will include the name of the owner, live address, identity card number (CNIC), and area of use of the sim card.


Is it a legal way to access the “person tracker” tool?

However, we provide such sensitive information just for legitimate reasons. No one is allowed to use our sim database information for any kind of illegal purposes or to blackmail or tease others. It can be used just to verify or check authenticity. We have strict guidelines in our privacy policy to use our sim database online for tracking tools. We also have an end-to-end encryption technology to protect the rights of our users.


Limitations for using Person tracker provides a person tracker with many interactive features, however, it also has some limitations, some of which are discussed below.

Availability of Data limitation

As the source of data collection for our system sim database online is from various telecom operator organizations and other organizations, it may vary sometimes from original documentation or may have some inaccuracy. Hence, using this data may not prove to be helpful, so you must verify it first before taking any action.

Legal Concerns

Accessing someone's more sensitive information like messages or call logs, is considered illegal, thus such kind of data may be unavailable to use. On the other hand, may contain legal constraints. However,, in comparison to other websites provides more coverage (for all sims registered in Pakistan, real-time updates regarding sim owners' details, a user-friendly interface, and gives more authentic and accurate sim database online.



A person tracker is a tool that provides a more real-time database regarding tracking and tracing of a person’s or mobile number details. It not only provides important details like name, CNIC number, and address But it also allows access to some more vital information like live location, sim registration (time and date), the status of the sim, etc. Our website provides an easy approach to using our tracking tools, thus anyone who is just a beginner can easily use info tools without the need for any training. Through reading this article, you will be able to learn to use tracking tools with simple guidelines. In addition, one of the best features of using tracking tools is they provide these tools completely free without any kind of limitations.