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Are you looking for a solution to track or trace mobile number details? is offering an info tool for “Sim Tracker” free of cost to all citizens of Pakistan. With the help of a sim tracker, you can easily trace a mobile number and details against that sim card owner. You will get to know the name of the owner, address, CNIC card number, and location in Pakistan only.  Our website is providing a web search engine for the sim database online. It facilitates its users with an easy-to-use interface so users can use these tools more efficiently and effectively.


What is Sim Tracker by

Our tool for live tracker sim data uses advanced technology to provide you with detailed information more efficiently saving you money and time for sim ownership. What do you need to do for the sim tracker? One needs to enter a mobile number or CNIC number in the search bar after that you will get a result instantly which includes all the details regarding that mobile number owner. The type of information you will get includes the name of the sim owner, CNIC number, the network used, location, date of activation, and other additional information as well.  You can use the sim tracker only for those mobile numbers which are PTA registered in Pakistan.


How does the info tool “Sim Tracker” Work? provides the search tool “Sim Tracker” by use of which you can easily track information for sim numbers, it works to retrieve sim owner details from the sim database online. One can easily monitor the personal information associated with those sim cards. Why to use a “sim tracker”? If someone is receiving suspicious calls from an unknown source, by using a sim tracker, you can easily disclose the information for that individual making it easier for you to take action against them. On the other hand, you can also track details for the sim card of your loved ones or close relationships. It can be used for business purposes, to approach most advanced marketing purposes, to get access to customers.

In other terms, legal entities or corporate businesses can use the “Live Tracker” info tool to acquire data for thousands of sim users for the purpose of marketing or can use it for keeping records of their employees and clients. Hence, making it a useful tool for every person to some extent. One of the distinct features of is it ensures you provide a real-time sim database online. Hence, one can get detailed information within a few moments making it easier for users to sort out your troubles. Thus, Sim Tracker by is helpful in various ways for every user of mobile phones. 

Furthermore, the sim tracker info tool is not a paid tool, so every citizen from any part of Pakistan can use it without any inconvenience. We also keep our sim database online updated on daily basis, so users have access to the latest sim owners' details.


Guidelines for using “Sim Tracker”?

You do not need to fulfill any prior conditions for using our “sim tracker” tool, as one needs a device with a good internet connection only. As manages to provide an easier process for using their info tools based on web search engines by users. Follow the simple guidelines given below

•In the first step, open any web browser on your device and then type the website address for “” in the URL. No limits are set for users, thus you can use it in a way.

•After the Home page is shown on your screen, from here you have to select the “Sim Tracker” info tool.

•Now enter the mobile number or identity card number of the sim owner for whom you have to track information in the given space (following the given instructions).

•In the last, just press “submit”, and wait for a while, soon you will receive results on your screen.


What Kind of Data will you receive from the “Sim tracker”? have designed their search engine keeping in view their user's needs. Our website collects their sim data from various sources, so we have a comprehensive web directory with millions of sim owners' details for developing sim databases. In addition, the following kind of essential details you can get from our sim tracker info tool.

Name of the Sim owner: As a result, the very first information that you will get is the name of the sim owner who owns it. So, you can verify it.

Identity card Number (CNIC): The results will also show up with the CNIC number of a person, thus you can easily track the individual who is teasing or threatening you from an unknown sim number. Thus, making it easier to take the next step against that individual.

Address of sim owner: Another important piece of information that you will get from the sim tracker tool, is the contact address of the sim owner. It will be helpful for the geographical tracking of individuals, especially in the case of suspects and criminals.


Benefits of using “Sim Tracker” offers a broad range of search info tools in all of Pakistan. It provide the most useful and powerful info tools to all citizens. Some of its pros are explained below.

No Payments required

One does not need to pay or buy any subscription packages for using info tools by Hence, our tracking tools are free Additionally we make it 100% ensure to provide a quality sim database to our users with more accuracy.

Swiftly results & Easier

If you want to acquire information in an official way (like from government telecom-related organizations), such a process will take several days to complete, maybe more. Alternatively, our website provides a quicker and simpler method to get access to sim owner details, for the sim tracker. You will get results instantly by using a sim tracker.

No installation

There are many other online sources or sites, that require to install first on your device. However, for using tools you do not require any installation process. One needs to follow simple steps to proceed to get access to the sim database online for retrieving information for the sim tracker. One just needed a smart device and an Internet server.

More Safe & secure keeps its policy strict, monitoring the use of our sim database as it contains sensitive and vital information for individuals. Hence, we also keep our users' information more safe and secure by providing an advanced system of end-to-end encryption, so no third party can make use of your personal details.


How do I track my own sim card?

In case of a lost mobile phone or stolen sim card, you can use a sim tracker to block the stolen sim so no one can use it illegally or for crime purposes. By using a sim tracker, you will be able to learn geolocation for your mobile phone to trace it.


Is it possible to track the switched-off sim?

No, it is not possible to track a sim, which is switched off. As the tracking, system does not allow us to get connected with the eco-system for tracing the sim card. Sim database Online those Sims can be traced which are currently in the active status mode. 



In conclusion, to the above discussion, you will learn about the info tools service provided by A brief introduction to sim tracker, and the purpose of using sim tracker. It also explains the procedure for using the sim tracker tool. Simple steps are explained for an easy guide to all. In addition, one will be able to gain awareness of the features of sim tracker tools offered. We provide the best ways to track a sim by using mobile numbers across Pakistan.