CNIC Information System an easy access to “Sim Database Online”

The website Sim Details ( is a very useful online platform to search for sim information for people of Pakistan. Our search engine allows you to get access to SIM information for any mobile network across Pakistan, and the more exciting thing is it is completely free to use. offers a variety of services to the people of Pakistan. These include checking CNIC (identity card) details using the “CNIC information system”. Accessing the SIM card database online, to find sim owner details. For finding location information using “Live Tracker”, verifying licenses, checking domicile information, and much more.

Our website is a convenient and fast way to collect sim information. By using our info tools, users can get detailed information about any SIM cardholder within Pakistan's borders. However, you should remember that this service is only available for SIM cards that are registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Using our search engine tools, you can access the SIM database online and retrieve SIM information about registered SIM card owners at no cost. We are offering a multiple-purpose website with various modes of info tools to check sim ownership information. This sim information includes the sim cardholder's name, address, CNIC card number, and network provider, among other details. Similarly, the website offers a system to check sim information associated with an individual's CNIC, making it easy to find details about someone's identity card. Thus, you can check Sims on CNIC free of cost with just a single click.

Furthermore, the website ( provides extra services to authenticate driving licenses through its license info tool. They also offer a range of tracker tools to get a location for lost or stolen SIM cards or devices that allow users to track and locate devices or individuals for different purposes.


Key features of “Pak Sim details”

Our online platform “”, provides information search tools accessible to all Pakistani citizens to check sim owner details. We have developed a user-friendly interface to ensure that using our search engine tools requires no prior learning or training. All you need to do is enter certain details like a CNIC number or mobile number, and you can quickly retrieve the sim information you need. Our website,, offers a multitude of features that make it the preferred choice for accessing these valuable resources. One can fetch details for the CNIC of an individual, using “CNIC” system information.


Compatibility with All Types of Devices

Our platform is compatible with all types of devices, ensuring that users can access the SIM database online seamlessly on Android phones, tablets, laptops, and Apple devices.


Find Location

With our "Live Tracker tools," you can effortlessly track and pinpoint the location of any SIM number, device, or even an individual within seconds. However, the best part is, that it is completely free for all Pakistani citizens and can access at any time.


Find Sim number details

Our sim database online has a comprehensive web directory comprised of millions of mobile numbers for all network-based records. Therefore, one can get access to sim information with just a single click more conveniently.


Check CNIC information system

Users can also check details or verify the authenticity of the CNIC cardholder by using our CNIC information system tool for free from any city in Pakistan.


Compatible with all GSM Networks

Our system for sim database online 2023 is compatible with all major cellular networks operating in Pakistan, including Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Jazz, and Warid. This means that you can access sim ownership information for any mobile number associated with these networks. However, it is important to note that the mobile number must be registered and verified by the PTA for whom you searching for details.


Sim Ownership Details

Our information search tools provide the most reliable service where you simply have to enter specific details like a mobile number or CNIC card number into a given space. Upon entering this information, you'll receive up-to-date sim owner details on your device screen for the entered number.

However, if someone wants to get such data through some official channels or government authorities, it may take days or even months to process. On the other hand, Pak Sim Details offers the same service completely free of charge and provides results within seconds to get sim owner details. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device to access the sim database online for any mobile number by entering either the CNIC or mobile number.

Are you looking for a reliable source to get details or track an unknown number in Pakistan? If that is the case, then you have come to the right place! Yes, Pak Sim Details is the ultimate solution for your all troubles. Using our sim database online, you can easily identify suspicious persons behind unwanted calls or messages. An online search engine specializes in tracing and verifying SIM numbers for all telecommunication networks across Pakistan. With the assistance of sim database online tools provided by Pak Sim Details, you can access sim owner details more conveniently and swiftly.

Furthermore, aside from just retrieving information about SIM ownership, Pak Sim Details also offers additional information tools like the "Live Tracker." Using a live tracker, users can locate and identify individuals by their name or mobile number with their location. Additionally, you can use the Number Tracker to find lost or stolen SIM cards or mobile devices. These information tools provide insights into individuals who may be behind suspicious or spam calls and messages, allowing you to better protect yourself from unwanted contact by using GPS.

One of the dominant features of PakSim ga ( is it's accessible from anywhere in Pakistan, at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. We take our user's privacy and confidentiality seriously, ensuring that no one will ever find out which specific number you've searched for. In addition, we have implemented advanced encryption technology to protect our user's data from cyber threats.

Moreover, Pak Sim Details is a valuable resource for anyone in Pakistan for searching SIM information about SIM card numbers. Whether you're looking for details about the SIM owner details, information related to CNIC cardholders, or the ability to track specific details, our search engine information tools cover all these aspects in one convenient place


Sim information system

What do you know about “sim”? A SIM card (subscriber identity module) is a small card that stores all the data associated with its owner. However, to use a SIM card, it is essential to register it with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This system stores all the important details for the sim owner in the sim information system. It helps individuals identify unknown individuals behind unwanted or spam calls or messages. Meanwhile, it is also useful for businesses and corporations, as they can utilize this SIM database system to access SIM information about their clients and monitor their employees.

The information available through this sim database online includes sim ownership details such as the owner's name, contact address, mobile number, identity card number, and other relevant details linked to the SIM card. You can also check details for sim ownership using “The CNIC information system”. This SIM information system serves as a safeguard against fraudulent activities by allowing users to verify the authenticity of the SIM card owner's details.


668 Sim Information system

PTA has imposed regulations to limit the number of SIM cards that can be registered under a single CNIC card to get control over SIM card misuse across Pakistan. Currently, PTA allows only up to five SIM cards to be registered per individual’s CNIC card. In this respect, we will explain through this article how to check the number of SIMs on CNIC. Additionally, you can use Pak Sim Details to access details related to CNIC cards by using the CNIC information system. Simply enter the mobile number or CNIC to get the information you seek.


How to Check the Number of SIMs Registered on Your CNIC:

To ensure your protection against fraudulent activities, it is necessary to be aware of the number of SIM cards associated with your CNIC card. You can get this information in two ways: by using the PTA website or by sending a text message. Both are explained below:

1. Checking SIMs on CNIC via the PTA Website:

  • Open any search browser and enter PTA's official website address in the URL search bar.

  • Enter the 13-digit number of the CNIC card in the designated space and click 'Submit.'

  • Within a few minutes, you will receive a tabular form containing details of all the SIM cards registered on your CNIC card. Additionally, it will also let you know other details like the network associated with those numbers.


2. Checking SIMs on CNIC via SMS:

  • On your mobile phone, open the messaging application.

  • Compose a text message, including your CNIC number (with hyphens) in the provided space.

  • Send this text to "668."

  • After a few minutes, you will receive a text message containing information about the active SIM cards associated with your CNIC card number. This message will also specify the network operators linked to these SIM cards.

However, this service is paid, which means that PTA charges a fee of 2 PKR + tax for using the SMS service to check SIMs on CNIC. The accuracy of the information provided depends on the verification process and biometric verification of the SIM cards.

Alternatively, if you use the “Pak sim details” online platform, you will easily access the sim database online to check Sims on CNIC for free of cost using our CNIC information system.


667 Sim Information System

This sim information will let you know about the sim owner of a particular sim card. PTA has developed this service for users to get the name of the sim owner. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you verify the owner's name of a mobile SIM card:

  • Open the text messaging app on your mobile device.

  • Type a new text message, leaving the message space empty.

  • Send this blank SMS to the number “667”.

  • Shortly, you will receive a text message containing the registered owner's name of the mobile SIM card, along with other associated details with the sim cardholder.

On the other hand, if you want a more reliable way, then you must choose “” to get sim owner details. By using our “Sim information system”, you can easily retrieve all the detailed information for sim ownership. Just by providing an 11-digit code for the sim number, you will get all the significant details for the sim owner including their name, address, other contact details, CNIC card number, and other vital information.


What type of Data do you get using the “CNIC information system”?

Using our website “”, users can get access to important information in detail for the required number, following is discussed in the below section.



The very first information that you get is the name of the sim owner on the screen. Thus, you can verify the name of the owner easily using a SIM database online. Moreover, you can also check the reliability of our SIM database online. For this, you need to enter your own SIM number and you can verify whether it shows your name or someone else on screen.


CNIC Card Number

The other important information that you will get on your screen will be the CNIC card number (13-digit) through which the sim card has been registered. Thus, it will help users find a person who is teasing or irritating for any reason from an unknown sim number. It will show the important details associated with the CNIC cardholder. Therefore, one can take any action based on this information against that person.



Another essential information you will get will be the address of the sim owner. By using our “live tracker”, you can get the exact location of an individual, so one can geographically track and locate that individual.


CNIC information system

The CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) serves as a significant identification document for Pakistani citizens, issued by NADRA, a government regulatory body responsible for collecting and monitoring citizen’s data. This identity card comprises personal information associated with the individual to whom it belongs and is utilized for various purposes. Moreover, Upon reaching the age of 18, individuals are required to get their ID cards from NADRA. The CNIC system operates as a centralized database, assigning a unique 13-digit code to each citizen.

Furthermore, this modern system was introduced to replace the manual identification process, enhancing the identification system with advanced features nationwide with minimum errors. This CNIC information system, features include a unique code for every individual, a biometric verification process involving fingerprint or thumb impressions, as well as other security elements such as holograms and barcodes.

Alternatively, Pak Sim Details offers an information tool (CNIC information system) that allows users to find details using an individual's identity card number (13-digit unique code). This tool enables users to verify or authenticate the identity of an unknown person, and it is available to all Pakistani citizens free of charge.


Live Tracker sim information

Pak sim details also offer another amazing interesting tool known as “Live Tracker”. Using this tool, you will be able to get a location for a sim number using our sim database online at instant. The information that you will get from the live tracker will include the SIM card owner's name, address, and location. Our live tracker tools are beneficial for individuals, businesses, corporations, and law enforcement authorities, helping in identity verification for cellular sim ownership details, location tracking, and the detection of fraudulent activities.

Pak Sim Details ( offers a comprehensive range of tracking tools for various purposes. The live tracker information tool offers insights into the network operator, the status of the SIM card (whether it has activated or deactivated), the date of activation of the SIM card, and the SIM card's location. This tool is user-friendly, requiring only the input of a mobile number to retrieve results on the screen within seconds. By using this information tool, you can easily trace the identity of unknown individuals and, if necessary, take legal action against them. This tool is also very helpful for finding your old finds or locating your loved ones using a “person tracker”.


Working Plan of “Live Tracker”

The Live Tracker information system utilizes a signaling system produced by cellular network companies to establish and maintain connections between certain devices and the network, enabling it to get access to the exact location. It also offers additional information for users about the status of the SIM card, indicating whether it is currently active or not. However, it works only for registered SIM cards.

When you enter data, the Live Tracker tool searches to track and trace a mobile number using GPS. It generates a request message to the cellular network company, seeking permission to access the details of that specific mobile number. Subsequently, the network company responds by providing the location of that particular mobile number, along with sim owner details.


Method to use “Pak Sim Details” info tools

Pak Sim Details has designed its search engine tools to be a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to everyone without the need for guidance. To find details for any SIM number in Pakistan, simply follow these instructions to get access to our SIM database online:

  • Open any web browser and visit our official homepage at

  • Choose the type of information you wish to search for, then enter a mobile number or CNIC card number in the given space. After entering the required information, click the "submit" button.

  • Once you have submitted the request, our system will retrieve the details from our online SIM database associated with the number you provided.

  • After a while, the results will appear on your device screen.

  • If you wish to find details for another mobile number, simply repeat the same steps mentioned above.

It is that simple and hassle-free to access the sim ownership information you need using our user-friendly tools on the Pak Sim Details website.


Benefits of using “Pak Sim Details”

Pak Sim Details offers a valuable efficient tool for both personal and corporate use in Pakistan. We provide a comprehensive range of information tools all in one convenient place, allowing you to access essential sim information at any time, from anywhere in Pakistan using our sim database online. Here are some of the benefits of using the website:


Get access to the most latest information

Pak sim details, regularly update their sim database online, so users can have access to the latest and fresh details for mobile numbers including the name of the sim owner, address, identity card number, and much other important information associated with the sim card.


Convenient & easier to use

Our website “” is very efficient and effective to use. All that you need to do is enter a mobile number or ID card number in the search bar and our system for sim database online will give results within seconds. You can use it from any city in Pakistan at any time. You can also fetch details for ID cardholders using “CNIC information system”.


Multiple tools options

Pak sim details offer a great range of info tools for their users, such as sim database online, CNIC information system, a range of live tracker tools, and many other options. You just have to type mobile number or identity card number to retrieve information for that sim cardholder. You can verify or check the authentication of any sim number in Pakistan.


At Zero Cost

Yes, it is true, We do offer all the services for sim database online tools to our users for free of cost. Hence, one does not need to pay any kind of hidden charges or need to buy any subscription package to use our online platform for the search engine. All one needs is a device connected to a stable internet server.


No installation or downloading

Another advantage of using Pak sim details is that users do not need to make any changes in their device, such as downloading any software, or any other installation process to get access to our sim database online to fetch sim owner details.


Safe & secure

 Our “” platform is safe to use and provides protection to their user's data and privacy. We have strict privacy policy constraints to protect the rights of our users with the use of advanced technology end-to-end encryption.