CNIC Information System | By Pak Sim Data

What do you know about the CNIC database? It is a kind of centralized Database system that keeps the citizen's essential information as an important document for them. It is issued with a specific serial number of a 13-digit code that can be used for different purposes for identity proof. This whole system is known to be a “CNIC Information System”. Moreover, it is an automatic system that replaces the manual system for identification making it easier. Pak sim data offers the CNIC information system, from which anyone can fetch details for an individual. It provides important information about a person.


Use of CNIC

The CNIC information system is specially designed to ensure authenticity and identification processes for Pakistani citizens. Pak sim data is an online source, through which you can fetch details for any person freely. It helps citizens identify an individual who is blackmailing or annoying them through an unknown SIM number. Thus, using our platform you will be able to fetch important details to take action against them. Pakistani citizens can easily retrieve their data from this CNIC information system by Pak sim data. CNIC is recognized as the primary document for identity proof for citizens of age above 18 years. This is used for various reasons, like voting, opening of bank account, needed at the time of admission in educational institutes, for a passport, or many others.


Pros of “CNIC Information System”

Moreover, In Pakistan, CNIC information is maintained and regulated by NADRA, for providing identity documents to Pakistani citizens, faster, simpler, and more accurately or precisely. Pakistan has developed this system of “CNIC information system” which is an advanced modern, and efficient way for the welfare of all Pakistani citizens. It is very helpful in various illegal and illegal activities of people. However, getting details for others' ID cards by NADRA is impossible for citizens.

However, on the other hand, if you are going to use Pak sim data for this purpose, you will just need a few seconds to fetch details for any person from our database online. We are also offering other services including sim database online and “Live tracker” tools. Thus, one can avail of these opportunities free of cost for retrieving details for any number.


NADRA | Pakistan CNIC Information System

NADRA (National Database And Registration Authority) is a government authority in Pakistan that regulates and monitors data for Pakistani citizens. They issue a smart ID card as a national CNIC identification document for you. Further, this ID card is not only for identity purposes, you can use it for several other reasons such as you can also relate it to your bank account, and can use it for money transactions, tax registration numbers, health cards, driver's license, domicile, and many more other important reasons.

Moreover, the CNIC information system also relates to many other additional features for safety. It also stores the biometric data verification which includes fingerprints and facial features of a citizen, which ensures your identity and keeps you safe from fraud. Thus, if you are in trouble because of any person, you can identify and take legal action against them using our free service for providing CNIC information about that particular individual. Hence, a CNIC card is a form of creativity for all-in-one purposes that is vital for citizens.


Way to Get Your CNIC Card

This is a very easy and simple method to get yourself an ID card by NADRA in Pakistan. You need certain documents and a brief verification process to fulfill by visiting a nearby service center. You need to visit a nearby NADRA office, where you simply need to provide your original birth certificate or B-form. However, in case if somebody doesn’t have these documents then you will be directed to provide the original verified documents about birthplace. In the next step, you have to fill in the required details of your details along with your photographs and fingerprints for biometric purposes. Moreover, if you are applying for CNIC first time, at the age of 18, then no fees will be charged to you. Paksim ga provides an alternative way to check any number details by using their database Eccnic information system with more convenience for free of cost.


History of CNIC Card

In Pakistan, the CNIC information system laid its foundation early in 2000. The key reason for introducing this automated system is to eliminate or decrease the drawbacks of a manual system for the identification procedure. Additionally, It also ensures the minimum or no risks for fraud by implementing new advanced features to the CNIC information system such as biometric verification or smart chip on ID card.


Features for “CNIC Information System”

The CINC information system has induced several essential features in the system to make it a more powerful tool for keeping the data of individuals more secure and safe.


Distinctive Identification Number

Each citizen is awarded a unique number(13-digit code) for identification cards, with certain numbers of numeric numbers. However, the code remains the same throughout the life of a citizen, which proves the identity of that person and keeps which distinguishes it from others.


Biometric verification

This system also keeps the record for biometric analysis of a citizen. This feature includes the recognition of fingerprints and facial expressions of that individual. Thus, biometric identification gives an extra layer of shield for protection and security for a person making it impossible for the documents to get tampered with or forgery.


An additional layer of security features

The CNIC information system also adds additional features such as holograms, barcodes, micro printing, and other related features, which makes them more secure from identity theft.


smart-chip technology

Another advanced feature that has been introduced is the integration of smart chips, which store the personal data of the individual to whom it belongs providing more security.