Pak Sim Data

Need sim owner details for an unknown number? Want to get rid of teasing phone calls? Then you must visit to search for the sim information. It proves to be the most reliable and simpler platform that offers search engine services without any cost to pay. By using our online sim database gives your details for any number that is registered through PTA across Pakistan. It is compatible with all the network companies in Pakistan, such as Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, and Zong.


What Type of information you can get by using Pak sim data?

If someone is trying to search for sim information to identify unknown numbers, then Pak sim data is the best source for you. It provides you with the best services for search engines, to look for the information of the registered number. You can also locate that person by using “Live Tracker”. Pak sim data is a specialized and most recommended online source to track numbers for retrieving sim information against any mobile number. It also helps you with the verification of any number and retrieves sim ownership details. Thus, Pak sim data is the ultimate power tool for all solutions with multiple-purpose tools.


What kind of sim information is provided by Pak sim data?

Our sim database contains all the detailed information for sim ownership. Hence, making it easier for Pakistani citizens to search with convenience in one place for different causes. Just by providing a mobile number or CNIC number at the search bar on, after a few seconds you will have sim owner details. This information will include the name of the sim cardholder, address, and CNIC of that person. Our system does support all devices without causing any hassle for our users. We do provide a simpler sim database system. So anyone can get access to our services without facing any hurdles. Our system provides a user-friendly interface for customers.


Other services provided by Pak Sim Data

Are you tired of suspicious callers? No, need to get worried, we are here to sort out problems regarding Pakistan sim data. We not only provide service for tracking details of unknown numbers, but we also have other services, that include CNIC information, Live tracker number database, sim information system, sim’s owner database, and many more. Our online powerful tool covers all these aspects for you providing our services without any interruption all across the country.


What was the Need to develop a SIM database online?

However, with the increase in digital technology, the risks and causes of fraud and misuse of SIM cards and mobile phones increased rapidly. Therefore there was a need to develop a system to stop the chain of sim card-related crimes and illegal activities. Thus, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) regulates a directory of sim database online, through which they regulate and make compulsion for every citizen to get their sims registered on their CNIC cards. It was developed back in the 2000s to keep in view the crime rate regarding misuse of sims and trapping people through mobile numbers.


How Pak Sim Data does work?

Pak sim data provides a sophisticated way, to get sim owner details by using a mobile number or through a CNIC number. Yes, you can use our sim database online either by entering mobile number or by providing identity card number. We are offering a free tool service for every citizen of Pakistan. We have developed an algorithmic sim database, developed by our IT professionals and verified by the PTA. Furthermore, you can also get details for the number of sim cards issued against your CNIC number. Thus, one can become aware of being used for any fraud and restrain from themselves from identity theft. It is also very useful for business corporations as well, as in case they can verify details for their workers through a sim database online. Without paying any charges, to keep a record of them. One of the main features of Pak sim data is that it constantly updates its system. Thus, our users can have the newest data for sim ownership information.


Pros of using “Pak Sim Data”

Pak sim data is the most recommended online platform for tracking and tracing sim ownership details. Some of the advantages of Pak sim data are given below


In Access of everyone

 Anyone can easily get access to the latest sim database online by Pak sim data for sim ownership details. Our system has stored the latest and most authentic information for all sim numbers registered by PTA approved system. You can have the name of the sim’s owner, his/her valid address, and CNIC number. To keep updating our system, we regularly efforts to refresh our sim database. Thus, our users can access the latest information without facing any issues.


User- Friendly Interface

We have developed our search engine easy to use keeping in view the literacy rate of our citizens, so one does not need to get into formalities for using our info tools (sim information, CNIC system information, or Live tracker tools). Users can conveniently use our SIM database online.


Our Services are cost-free

We are offering all our info tool services free of cost. One does not need to pay for using our platform. One simply need a device and an internet connection, and then you will be able to achieve your target results within seconds.


Multiple services

However, Pak sim data offers different other services, making it a multiple-purpose tool. You can check details by using CNIC or either mobile number for retrieving information about the Sims owner.



It provides excellent business services, as one can cross-check their client’s data, workers, or employees to keep their record by Pakistan sim data.


Security services

Pak sim data ensures the safety and protection rights of their users. We assure to keep your record safe and encrypted.



The above description summarizes that Pak sim data provides users with a friendly user website with a mission of making Pakistani citizens track details free of cost. One can retrieve information against only registered sims through PT only in Pakistan country. It is a multiple-services online platform for various applications.