Sim Details Get sim information using “Pak sim data”

 Our website “Pak Sim Data” provides the best sim database online for all telecom users in Pakistan. Such a system for the sim database contains all the detailed information associated with the sim cardholder by their respective mobile network operators. However, the main purpose is to maintain and monitor activities by sim card owners by the government regulatory authority “PTA”. Generally, the sim details include information such as the name of the sim owner details, address, CNIC card number of that person, mobile number, sim serial number, and other relevant details. This system for keeping a record of all sim owner details is necessary for a state to keep a regular check on all associated activities that are linked by the use of sim cards.


What do you mean by SIM Database online?

The sim database online plays a significant role in controlling overall crimes and fraud associated with sim card use. It can be used by individuals to get sim details to identify unknown callers. Moreover, it can be used by law enforcement agencies to track criminals and to keep an eye on suspects. Thus, Pak sim data offers a sim database online, which is a very useful tool everyone uses.

However, after buying a sim card one has to complete the procedure for verification y PTA. It stores the sim details in its system sim information to protect the rights of mobile users from abusers and fraud. Thus, It is very important to keep a record of all sim users in a country to keep peace.


What are the sim details?

It is the information system, in which the sim card stores all the important data related to the person who owns it, to insert into a mobile device for use. This small card connects you with the wireless network for communication and other technology uses. Generally, it includes the name of the sim owner, his/her contact details, and other linked information for storing in the sim database. The sim details are then stored by the system database by mobile network companies that can be used later for various reasons. Sometimes, it also includes other additional information related to the sim card, such as the date of activation of the sim, as well as the expiration date, etc.


Key Features of Pak Sim Data

Our online portal system can be used to find out sim details for any sim ownership within seconds for free of cost. Our services for info tools are accessible to every Pakistani citizen. Hence, with the increase in the use of mobile phones, it would become necessary to keep the authenticity of phone numbers for safety purposes.

Pak Sim Data provides multiple services for info tools for all residents of Pakistan conveniently. These services include a sim database online, sim ownership details, CNIC system information, and Live tracker tools. This provides a one-place solution for all. But one can only retrieve information for those sim cards, which are PTA registered. We do provide a simple-to-use interface. Thus, any lame person can use our search engine without the need for any kind of guidance.


Procedure to check Sim Details

It is a straightforward method to get access to SIM details for any cellular network number. You just have to follow the instructions given below to check the SIM details.

•Type the official website of Pak Sim Data website (i.e. in the URL using any browser.

•Visit the homepage and select an option for “sim owner details”.

•In the given space, enter your required mobile number or CNIC number and press “submit”.

•After a while, our tool will gather your desired information from the system database and the result will appear on your device screen.


Type of information by sim details

Our sim database provides all the important information that is associated with a sim card in one click, revealing sim details. The following type of information one may get by using our sim owner details info tool.


Name of sim cardholder by which he/she gets registered by PTA for activation of sim card.


Exact Address

The other detail that you will get is the contact address of the person who owns the SIM card.


CNIC card number

The most important detail that you get from our sim owner details tool, is the number of the identity card of the person by which he/she gets activation of the sim by PTA. By using this CNIC card number, one may be able to recover more information about that person.


Network provider

It will also reveal the information for the network provider that is used by that sim card.



By using our Live tracker, one may also get the location of that sim mobile number, for their lost or stolen cell phones or sim cards.



Our online website provides a very useful and powerful tool to use, which helps you to find details for any mobile number across Pakistan. It is free to use, with a friendly user interface for users. It can be used by every citizen to search sim owner details only for those Sims, which are registered by PTA and are in activation mode. Our sim database online provides the most updated and accurate source of sim owner details, more without any hassle. However, one should use it to show responsibility, for the sake of good, not for any illegal activity. Otherwise, strict action can be taken against them. As we have very strict privacy, policy rules for using our info tools. We have a wide range of info tools, thus if one is not providing the required details, you can have the option to use alternative tools for getting your results.