Sim Number Details to Recognize Dubious Person

Pak Sim Data website comes up with an online to find sim ownership details, a costless and effortless procedure. If you choose an official way to retrieve sim information for any mobile number by approaching government authority, then you have to pass through various formalities to get access to the sim database. Moreover, you have to put in effort, money, and time as well for such a way. Thus, it is time time-consuming procedure. Alternatively, you can select “Pak Sim Data”, to get sim ownership details without wasting your precious time. It also provides various other info tools for all citizens of Pakistan free of cost.


How to track sim ownership details?

Do you ever have an unknown call or message? Now you want to get rid of those spam calls and messages. Therefore, do you want to explore the individual behind these calls or texts? Pak Sim Data provides a simple solution for this cause to get sim information. By using the sim database online, you will be able to find out all the information for sim ownership.


SIM card | A brief intro

Sim (Subscriber identity module) is a small chip card, which contains all the important details for the sim cardholder. Hence, it was necessary to develop a system that collected all the detailed information for registered SIM cards in Pakistan. Therefore, PTA keeps a record of all registered sims in the sim database information. This sim database information system comprises details of sim ownership such as their name, address, CNIC card number, and other contact details, respectively. Moreover, Pak Sim Data provides an online source to get access to the sim database to retrieve sim owner details.


Need of SIM Database online

Sim database online provides very crucial information about sim cardholders for useful purposes. Both individuals and business organizations can use it for various purposes. These sim ownership details can be used for the following given causes:

•To keep a record of sim cardholders and details associated with them.

•To provide safety to mobile users to keep them safe from fraudulent activities

•For investigation of suspects and keeping records of criminals by law enforcement agencies.

•To regulate and monitor mobile services in a country.

•To give protection for mobile users' rights in a state.


Sim ownership information

What does a SIM card contain? It contains all the information about the owner of the sim cardholders which allows you to get connected with the interlinked world. Sim ownership details include the name of the person, address, ID card number, and other associated details. SIM card allows users to connect their devices to the cellular wireless network and contains all your essential details. Mobile network operators store all the essential data for sim ownership.


How to Retrieve SIM Number Details?

Pak Sim Data provides a fundamental to check sim number details for all Pakistani citizens with convenience. To get access to our sim database online, you just need to enter a mobile number or CNIC number to retrieve sim information for any number. You simply have to follow simple steps to fetch the sim number details. First of all, a sim card number must be PTA registered for which you want to fetch sim number details. By using Pak sim data, you will be able to know about those unknown dumb or harassing calls and messages on your cell number. You just have to choose your required info tool and then simply enter data to fetch results on your screen instantly by sitting at home.


Reasons to Choose Pak Sim Data

Our website is highly recommended because of the useful features we are offering to our users without the need to buy any payment package. Our sim database online is the most authentic soure to get sim number details, with an easier-to-use interface. We keep our sim database online up to date regularly to provide the updated details to our users. It can be used for individual use or professional use. Our sim database has the following significant features

•More secure and authentic source to get sim number details for unknown callers.

•It tells about vital details for the sim owner, quickly and more efficiently without wasting time and money.

•It also allows users to find social media accounts and many other perspectives.

•Our Pak sim data system is compatible and supports all sim network operators throughout Pakistan.


How to change sim ownership using the “PTA” platform?

Check sim ownership just by sending a message to “688”. It’s a paid service by PTA. Then you need to visit your nearby customer service center with the original CNIC card of the person who owns the sim card and also for the person to whom you want to transfer sim ownership. The following process you need to follow

•Bring your original CNIC card along with you and a copy of the CNIC card of the other person to whom the sim ownership belongs for transferring.

•Then, fill out a form given by a mobile company to fulfill all formal procedures for transferring purposes.

•Then you have to perform a biometric verification process to change ownership for the sim card.

•However, after some hours or a day, the sim will be transferred to your desired sim ownership.



Pak Sim Data website ( offers a great solution for getting to know about sim number details free of cost. Our online platform is very easy to use. If you are annoyed by some unwanted phone calls or messages on your mobile device, then our platform is the ultimate solution for you to find that suspicious person. There are other ways to get access to the sim database online, but we do provide the most authentic and fast method to give access to sim number details. To track unknown calls one just has to enter a particular cell phone number or identity card number, and within seconds, you will be able to approach all details for sim ownership without any troubles. One of the best options provided by Pak Sim Data is that you do not need any software to install for the use of the sim database online. Thus, one can use it anytime without the need to download or pay any charges. Secondly, it provides unlimited numbers of searches, one can do it as many times as they require with no limitations and formalities.