How does obtain location data? facilitates with a feature of trace location data which is a critical weapon for finding or spying on your closed relationships or to find those who giving you threats and misbehaving from unknown numbers. Just by entering a Pakistani citizen's identity card number or registered mobile number in the given space to obtain location data. You will get the most updated information quickly. offers a wide range of info tools for their Pakistani users. These include the sim database online, the sim ownership database, CNIC system information, and live tracker tools for providing their users with the most accurate information for sim numbers across Pakistan. One of the most prominent features of is that they provide all services free of cost, which means they will not charge a single PKR for using their info tools.


How does trace location data works for you?

As we already know, in this digital era, the use of smartphones has become a necessity for everyone as there are no other options to get connected with the world. If you are sitting in a room of six people, you can easily evaluate the importance of the use of cell phones, as everyone will be seen buys with their phones. Thus, the use of cell phones has tend to produce positive and negative aspects in one's life. The positive aspect includes that it enables you to get connected with the world for creating relationships or for earning purposes. On the other hand, it allows you to expose your identity, or may you get caught in fraudulent activity or get threats, etc.

Moreover, by use of to trace location data, enables every individual user to trace the location of data linked with the mobile number or identity cardholder details. This feature helps users to find a location for any person by using their contact number easily so you can take action against them. If you approach to get details through a proper channel by some Pakistan authorities, they do not allow you to get access to such sensitive data. You will need some sources to approach through such a channel, which will take a time of days or weeks to proceed. While, on the other hand, provides the same service for free of cost without wasting your time. We ensure you to provide with the most updated and accurate data from our sim database online to help users.

Moreover, tracing and tracking location can prove to be stressful and demand time and money, while the trace location data by does not require such tough conditions. Yes, it is true, While using our info tools you do not need to pay or waste time, you can get data instantly, without facing any inconvenience. This free service will enable you to find sim owner data that will include their name, address, contact number, or even identity card number.


What are the advantages of using trace location by is one of the most rated websites for using search engine platforms. It contains data of millions of cellular network operators' sim numbers as a sim database online. They collect data from various sources, therefore ensuring you to provide with an accurate source of information for sim ownership. It can be used by both individuals and corporates for retrieving information from our sim database online at any time from any city of Pakistan. Following are the advantages of using to obtain location data.


Finding anyone

The most important use to obtain location data is that one can easily trace anyone easily by their location. If you want to find your old friends or closed relationships, you can use location data by for searching them. You will information about their home address, updated contact numbers, and other related information. It would be a great source of reconnecting with the old relationships again. Additionally, you can find suspicious persons who are calling or texting you from unknown numbers to teasing or threatening you. By obtaining location data you will find them and take action against them or Live tracker.


No subscription charges

Generally, you will need some investments or time to trace any person's details, because no one will provide you with such sensitive information for free. There are several platforms that are providing these services in return for money. However, by using, you can get access to the sim database online to obtain location data for free of cost. That means you do not need to pay a single rupee for using info tools by


Unlimited number of searches

Apart from providing free facilities for info tools, our platform ( does not impose any limitations for using our info tools. This means you can do an unlimited number of searches as many times a one needed without any restrictions. One can do searches for unlimited time, just by entering a mobile number or CNIC number to obtain location data at any time.


No Installation

Our system supports every device (tablets, Android cell phones, Apple devices, laptops) for using our info tools, one does not need to make any changes to their devices by going through any installation process. One just needs an internet connection to use to obtain location data for any mobile number or person in Pakistan.


Secure & easy to use

You might think before using our free track location data, whether it is safe to use or not. Yes, you do not need to worry while using tools, as we have invested so much in making our website safest and most reliable platform to retrieve data. We have the most advanced encryption technology to protect the rights of our users and their data. Thus, no one will be able to take insight into our sim database to use for illegal use.

Similarly, we have an easy-to-use interface for our users, requiring no training to obtain location data for any mobile number with good speed. We have made simple instructions so anyone can use it without any hassle.


How to trace location data by

As we have already mentioned the advantage of using, is that it provides a user-friendly interface, one just has to follow the given below instructions to obtain location data for any number in Pakistan. But one thing must be kept in mind, the number for which you are finding details against our sim database online, must be a PTA registered number.


Step 1: visit website

Enter the official address for in the URL and access the homepage to select the info tool.


Step2: Select a “location data”

From the homepage, select “location data” to obtain information regarding tracking against any mobile number or person tracking.


Step 3: Enter a CNIC card number or mobile number

Na given space, enter an identity card number or mobile number and press “submit” for whose you want to obtain location data Sim Information.


Step 4: Obtain location data

After pressing “submit”, you will receive results for a real-time location for that number instantly.


Conclusion is the most authentic source to obtain location data free of cost from any city in Pakistan. Using trace location data has several partial applications In daily life. It enables you to retrieve information for any number just by entering mobile number or CNIC card number, instantly. Thus, one can reach to individual easily without wasting money and time. Individuals can use it to track and trace their older friends or loved ones. While, corporates can use the same service for tracking their employees, and their customers, or to track company-issued cell phones, cars, or other related purposes. Moreover, law enforcement authorities can also use such a trace system to locate or find suspects and criminals.